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About Me

I'm a multidisciplinary designer with 20+ years of experience. My blended creative and technical work experiences provide me a holistic view of projects due to a working knowledge of many of the required tasks and processes in between, while serving as a helpful frame of reference for collaboration and communication within project teams. 

I began my design career in 1999 as a visual designer and front-end developer hybrid with a passion for pixels, color, layout and typography. For 12 years I worked this hybrid role in various settings - a fast-paced digital agency, as part of an in-house creative team, and a design and development team of one for an internet law firm. This experience and skillset naturally segued into a Senior UX Designer position 2102 with Hagerty Insurance, a role that stretched my thought process beyond pixels to a broader focus on the overall strategy and user journey of a digital product or brand.


My 5 1/2 years at Hagerty taught me to design within a defined usability process and I came to understand how small, iterative changes can bring about real, measurable impact. I was introduced to various user research and testing methods, heuristic evaluations, and designing for A B testing on more complex web applications than I'd been exposed to in the past. I also learned much about compromise made necessary by business goals, system constraints, and development resource limitations.

In 2017 I took a leap of faith into full time freelance and quickly realized that I needed to reframe my expectations around process, documentation and decision making that were well formed during my corporate experience. The majority of my clients were looking to me to provide end-to-end design for high-fidelity web and mobile app prototypes to serve their unique needs - whether as a foolproof developer guide or proof of concept for generating investor interest - so I became designer, copywriter and project manager all rolled into one. Through these experiences I've refined my product design process to support successful project execution.

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