I’m Ashley Rossi, a Multidisciplinary Designer from Traverse City, Michigan with close to 20 years professional experience in freelance, agency, small business and corporate environments.

I spent the first 13 years of my career as a hybrid graphic designer and front-end HTML/CSS and Wordpress developer with a passion for pixels, color, layout and typography. This skillset segued into a Senior UX Designer position, a role that has stretched my thought process beyond pixels to a broader focus on the overall strategy and user journey of a digital product or brand.


My blended creative and technical experiences allow me to take a holistic approach to projects due to a working knowledge of many of the required tasks and processes in between, while providing a helpful frame of reference for engagement and collaboration with clients and within project teams. 


Please visit my Upwork portfolio to view my most recent work.

Product Design, UI, IxD, Stakeholder Relations and Presentation, Creative Direction

2016-2017 | A responsive, data-driven web application that provides classic car collectors a space to create and save an unlimited number of collections for tracking value changes over time.

UX, UI, IxD, Graphic Design, Stakeholder Relations and Presentation

2014-2015 | A responsive data-driven web application that provides users multiple digital tools for valuing their classic car, assessing the current state of the classic car market, and making informed decisions when buying or selling a vehicle.  

UX, UI, User Behavior and Data Analysis, Graphic Design

2016-2017 | A redesign of the quote results page for the purpose of increasing the visibility and exposure of additional coverage product offerings without affecting priority conversion goals.

My Roles: UX, UI

2015 | Seamless integration of the external valuation tool onto a page within the quote flow.

My Roles: UX, UI, IxD, Stakeholder Relations and Presentation

2017 | A redesign of the Articles and Videos section of the hagerty.com website from a catch-all category to a content-focused media hub with increased reader engagement.

My Roles: UX, UI, IxD

2014 | A local agent locator tool with interactive Google Map integration.

My Roles: UI Design

2017 | A retrofitted responsive grid structure to existing page layouts, design assets and CSS breakpoints.

My Roles: UX, UI, IxD, Graphic Design, Stakeholder Relations and Presentation

2016 | A redesign of the agent homepage for the purpose of better educating current and prospective agents on product offerings and eligibility guidelines. 

My Roles: UX, UI, IxD

2016 | A simplified quote form for the purpose of fitting the fields into the hero (header) area of every page of the Hagerty UK website.

My Roles: UI, IxD, Graphic Design, Information Architecture, Stakeholder Relations

2013 | A large-scale desktop to responsive website redesign.

A sampling of banner ad and landing page designs.

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