The UK Marketing team requested that the quote form be made available from the hero shot on every page of the Hagerty UK website. This request presented a number of UI challenges due to limited real estate and available resource allocation, and ultimately created the need to rework the quote results page to address the missing form fields.

My Roles: UX, UI, IxD

Tools Used: Axure 

Client: Hagerty UK Marketing Team 

Who I Worked With: UK Marketing Director, Delivery Manager, Developer, Copywriter  


The existing quote form consisted of 9 fields in total, but it was determined through conversations with the developer and the UK Marketing Director that a quote could be calculated from only three required fields: 1. Year, 2. Vehicle Value, and 3. Mileage. The fourth email field was also required for future marketing correspondence.


Due to limited resource allocation, ​I knew that any recommended UI changes would be constrained to fit within the existing​ quote overlay bar on the hero shot, which was only 120 pixels high in desktop. The same height constraints applied to tablet and mobile views.


It was determined that we could fit the 4 required fields into the hero area in desktop view, but we needed an alternative solution for the tablet and mobile views. I proposed a CTA button linking to a separate page containing the quick quote form.


The existing quote results form page consisted of three CTA options - a "Continue Online" button, a "We'll Call You" button, and a phone number to the UK office to continue the process with an agent. 

Given that the Name and Phone Number fields were removed in the new quick quote form, we needed to find a way to collect this data on the results page. This was accomplished by sectioning off the CTA options into three distinct modules, order prioritized by the UK team, and providing these missing fields for input within the We'll Call You module. The development team confirmed that the previous quote fields and name and phone number fields could be collected as a single session for follow up. 

As of September 2017, the UK Quick Quote project had not gone live.