This project was a redesign of the Articles and Videos section of the Hagerty website, which had become a catch-all category for any digital content falling outside of the Insurance, Valuation or Corporate sections. The goal of the Media Site project was to place the focus back on classic vehicle article and video content.

My Roles: UX, UI, IxD, Stakeholder Relations and Presentation


Tools Used: Axure

Client: Hagerty Media Team 

Who I Worked With: Stakeholders, Delivery Manager, Developer, Graphic Designer 


Working from a written set of functional requirements, I designed a set of annotated, high level, responsive wireframes for an initial stakeholder review. Maintaining a hardcopy of the business scope allowed me to check off requirements as they were added to the UI, and periodically QA my own work.


After an initial review yielded only minor changes, I was able to move on to designing the detailed UI and interactive prototype which included a media-specific tertiary nav bar (that was intended to build off a future nav bar designed by a colleague), and responsive page layouts for each of the defined page types. 

Once the UI was approved, a graphic designer took over the project to add typography, iconography and color. The new Media site was launched in August 2017.