It was determined by the Usability Manager and Analytics team that users were dropping out of the insurance quote flow at the vehicle value field. The assumption was that users didn't know the value of their vehicle off-hand and, at the time this project was conceived, there wasn't an option for users to save their quote for completion at a later time. 

Although the Valuation Tools were available for use from the website, the consensus was that moving the user away from the quote flow - even if the tool was opened in a new window or overlay - wasn't worth the risk of user fallout. The other issue with using an overlay was that the generated value wouldn't auto-fill the vehicle value field, leaving the user responsible for its input. The goal became to find a way to directly integrate the valuation tool into the existing UI without interrupting the user flow.

My Roles: UI, IxD

Tools Used: Axure, Photoshop, Inspectlet

Client: Hagerty Sales Team 

Who I Worked With: Usability Manager, Developer


Given that the user had already input their vehicle Year, Make and Model on a previous page in the quote flow, we would be able to pass this data through and provide the user with a dropdown select containing corresponding body style and engine type configurations (the remaining data needed to generate a value). ​However, since we couldn't provide a value for every vehicle configuration due to an incomplete database, the UI needed to accommodate three different scenarios:


1. Vehicle value available

2. Vehicle value unavailable for body style / engine type configuration, and;

3. Vehicle value unavailable for year, make, model configuration. 


The challenge was finding a way to work around the existing Help button next to the Vehicle Value field, which triggered an overlay prompt with generic vehicle value related content. Due to resource limitations, we couldn't change the way these buttons behaved, and therefore couldn't use this button to trigger the integrated valuation tool.

After some brainstorming, we came up with the label "I don't know the value" to be used as a text link next to the Vehicle value field. This label tested well with users. 


I designed an interactive prototype with to show the intended functionality and styling for all 3 scenarios.

In order to make the process as simple as possible for the user, they just need to click "Use this value" once a value is generated to populate its field, which remained editable for further adjustments.