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Wellbeing Connect Mobile App Wireframes & Prototype

The goal was to design an adequate number of mobile screens to suffice as a presentation tool for generating investor interest in this upcoming product while providing a wireframe base for its future development. As with most apps at this ideation stage, hours were limited. I worked closely with the product owner and technical lead throughout the process as we brainstormed features and fleshed out requirements for inclusion in the initial wireframes and interactive prototype.

Year: 2021

Tasks: UX/UI, Copywriting, User Flows


Tools: Axure

Client: Wellbeing Connect

Collaborations: Product Owner, Technical Lead

What is Wellbeing Connect?

The purpose of the Wellbeing Connect app is to connect clients, wellness professionals and venue hosts with the end goal of providing use benefits for each user type:


  1. Clients can request personalized wellness experiences by type (i.e. yoga, massage), venue location and amenity preferences.

  2. Wellness professionals receive exposure and the opportunity to bid on client job requests matching their service offerings, rates and availability. Payments are handled directly within the app.

  3. Venue hosts / owners receive exposure to their venues, direct bookings, and venue calendar management. Payments are handled within the app.


In order to design even a minimal amount of viable screens, it was imperative that I understood how all of the dots would connect. And with three very different onboarding flows for the client, wellness professional and venue owner - in addition to the personalized wellness experience request flow - the flowchart became a necessary deliverable that I built upon throughout the wireframing process:  View flows in Axure 


Priority Focus on Venues

Coming soon

Wellness Professionals

Coming soon


Coming soon

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